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After the Tulsa hail storm of April 2011 (that damaged both cars as well) we had the roof inspected for damage. The insurance inspector pointed out several golf ball size holes in our roof, so putting off a new roof was no longer an option. We began the dreaded search for a roofing contractor. My obsessive nature is such that I always do extensive research on such projects: internet reviews, BBB and such. Every review is squeezed to reveal all hidden information. After 2 days, I settled upon 3 highly ranked roofing companies to make formal bids. As chance would have it, our next-door neighbor just had their roof replaced by Eagle Roofing and they were very pleased with the outcome. So upon their strong recommendation, I included Eagle Roofing in the list. Although the company is small, I was pleasantly surprised to find their reviews to be uniformly positive. After getting bids from the first 3, Randy from Eagle Roofing came out. The first thing that impressed me was that he really listened to both our concerns and our requests, and addressed each and every one. He was able to separate the “fluff products” from what was required to perform a quality job. In the end, his bid was among the lowest and he used the same high quality materials that the other companies had proposed using. He always responded immediately to phone calls and was on site every few hours to personally make sure that all was proceeding as expected. He always inquired if any new concerns had come up once the installation had started and directed the roofing crew accordingly. The crew was fantastic. Randy had been using this crew for over 2 years. They paid attention to every detail. I would frequently go out into the yard to personally inspect their work and was always impressed by the precision installation. They did not just flop the singles and decking down and tack them into place; they always wiggled everything back and forth to make sure it was positioned just right before nailing. Even the final cleanup was beyond expectation. They used a magnetic roller to pick up nails as expected, then picked everything up and even racked the lawn while finishing off with a blower. Our yard was cleaner after they left than it was when they started. So to sum it all up, Randy and his crew handled everything from the bidding, contract, shingle removal and roofing to the final cleanup in the most professional way imaginable. My wife and I thank you! We are extremely happy with our new roof and are especially thankful that it all went off without a hitch!!! dalerussell 05/28/2011

After the big hail storm i took several quotes for a roof replacement. Some wouldn’t even talk to me because i was paying out of pocket instead of using insurance. Randy dealt straight with me. His quote was the second from the lowest but his communication skills, patience and knowledge where totally impressive. We talked in depth about add ons and upgrades. He made some recommendations and talked me down from a couple of unnecessary things in which a dishonest man could have just took me for what i was worth. His crew worked from early until it was dark and finished quick. They didn’t leave a spec of trash behind. Several friends of mine got their roofs done at the same time and I can assure you that i got the best price with the best service and quality. people say that contractors are all the same. Randy restores my faith in the honesty of men. Thanks again Randy. dggriffi 05/02/2010

I am so thankful I met Randy, he and his company did an incredible job—- from start to finish. I have the best roof in my neighborhood. I highly recommend Eagle Roofing because of their, professionalism, timeliness and their final product. Randy takes his job seriously and is willing to go above and beyond the average individual to satisfy his customer. OVER JOYED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10311961dee 04/22/2010

A+++ Company – They did a great job on my new roof! If you are looking for an honest roofing company then look no further. Randy is the owner and he was easy to work with on getting things done with my insurance company. gwil54 03/26/2010