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Storm Damage Tulsa Oklahoma

Storm Damage Roof Repair Tulsa OK

Storm Damage to Roof Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa Oklahoma Storm Damage Roof Repair’s

We get lots of hail in Oklahoma after a hail storm give us a call to inspect your roof! We will meet your insurance company roof inspector and let him know where the damage is. (Sometimes the insurance company seems to look right past the storm damage!)

Often people will say they do NOT want to bother with a roof inspection and deal with the repairs if the roof is not leaking. If this describes you consider the following:

Just because you can not see any roof damage after a storm or there is not any leaking, doesn’t mean there is not any hail damage. It often takes a trained eye to see the damage we have been dealing with insurance companies and storm damage on hundreds of roofs.
You may say I do not have any missing shingles how could I have roof damage. Missing shingles are the result of high winds not hail damage. Even small hail can cause shingles to lose years of life on them and in many cases this is covered by your home owners insurance. Best to have both your insurance adjuster and a local Tulsa OK roofing contractor look at your roof.


Most insurance companies require a specific number of damaged spots or “hits” per  10 foot by 10 foot area of your roof. We know how to look for this and will not ask you to file a claim if it is not warranted

We are licensed bonded and most of all honest

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